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Studio X Vertical Fitness specializes in pole fitness and offers a non-competitive atmosphere where you can truly enjoy yourself and have a great time while reaching your personal fitness goals. At the studio you will find real people like you who want to feel better about themselves, get in shape, and have fun. Students of every age (18+), size, strength ability, and flexibility level will be with you on your fitness journey.  
Pole fitness is a sport and art form just like gymnastics, martial arts, or dance. It is unrealistic to expect to be perfect your first day. With continued practice, determination, and a positive attitude, you will transform! Everyone will move at their own pace, and along the way, you will find encouragement and a sense of community. You will build confidence and embrace your own personal pole journey. You'll discover new things about yourself while taking classes, and your sense of accomplishment will lead to personal growth in your life outside the studio. With each class you take, you will progress. You will be amazed at the changes you will see from your 1st class to your 5th class. Just like with anything, the more time you dedicate to pole, the better you will become.
We welcome everyone and anyone, regardless of gender, to take classes at our studio.

Meet    Our    Instructors

Penny Lord-Davis


Penny fell in love with pole fitness in 2014 and had always wanted to own her own fitness studio. She decided to partner up with Hailey in 2016 to keep her pole journey alive and create Studio X Vertical Fitness. She has a group fitness certification. 

Julia Olko

Julia was born and raised in Maine and recently graduated from the University of Maine at Augusta with a B.A. in biology. She has been dancing her whole life and began her pole journey with us the summer of 2017 and has since become a passion. She holds a group fitness certification and she teaches beginner pole. 

Hailey Kehrli


Hailey began her pole journey in 2015. When the opportunity to own the studio presented itself one year later, she partnered with Penny to create Studio X Vertical Fitness. In 2016, she trained with PoleMoves in Los Angeles, California for pole instructor certification in levels 1-3. In August of 2019, she became a Master Trainer through PoleMoves and can now train and certify instructors. She has competed in the Pole Sport Organization's Northeast Championship Level 4 Competition in 2017 and 2018. 

Nicole Noel

Nicole lives in Waterville with her husband, daughter, and puggle. She has a dance background and a group fitness certification. Her interest in poling started in April 2015 and she has been in love with it ever since. She teaches beginner pole. She competed in the Pole Sport Organization's Northeast Championship Level 2 Competition in 2018.

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